A purpose-driven media and partnerships agency challenging an industry to do better.


Alchemy One partners with businesses and organisations who understand that the successful brands of tomorrow will be the ones that make positive changes today.

Our mission is to make a meaningful difference to the impact our partners can have on the world. We do this by delivering outstanding service and excellent work, using media and partnerships as a vehicle to build connections with relevance at scale.

We believe we have a collective responsibility to use our platform to create a future for the betterment of the planet and society.

Teams Built For Partners

Through partner discovery and strategy we select and build teams specific to our partners needs. This ensures passionate and customised teams who can deliver world-class strategic and creative thinking.

Senior Only Talent

Using a flat team structure, our senior only talent model allows partners to have access to experienced talent who will drive ideation right through to implementation.

Global Execution

Our global consultant network means we have the ability to execute across any market at scale. This provides the benefit of both local specific senior talent and provides cost efficiencies because we tap into these consultants only for partners specific requirements.


We work on a fixed fee rate card across all services and a flat buying fee percentage for all media, based on annual media investment, eradicating the billing murkiness plaguing multinational conglomerates.