A media agency delivering exceptional growth for our partners by setting new standards for the industry.


Do you know how effective your media spend is? A media dollar only works as hard as the team behind it. We guarantee the value we bring will be bigger than any other agency.

How can we promise this? Because we care and our team will make you re-think the role of a media agency. We craft curated strategies and plans from the ground up, become our partners biggest advocates and fight for our partners’ success. Our results to date speak for themselves.

We deliver impact by combining business objectives, channels, technology, culture and science to create relevance for brands resulting in exceptional growth.

At Alchemy One we only work with partners who are hungry for growth, no shade, just honest.

Dedicated Talent

Our dedicated talent and flat structure allow partners to have access to experienced talent who will drive ideation right through to implementation. We proudly have one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry.

Proudly Independent

We are proudly independent and locally owned, meaning our success is in your success, we’re not reporting to a ‘profit at all costs’ board far away.

Setting New Standards

As a media agency, we are judged not so much by the power of our advertising message but by the way in which we influence the media itself to embrace our purpose and review their own work practices. This has included using our leverage to challenge media vendors on their sustainability practices and actively questioning the media’s agenda around diversity and inclusion.


We work on a fixed fee rate card across all services and a flat buying fee percentage for all media, based on annual media investment, eradicating the billing murkiness plaguing multinational conglomerates.


Alchemy One partners with businesses and organisations who understand that the successful brands of tomorrow will be the ones making positive changes today.

Our mission is to make a meaningful difference to the impact our partners can have on the world. We believe we have a collective responsibility to use our platform to create a future for the betterment of the planet and society.