Connecting businesses with MYOB.

MYOB wanted to connect with emerging new business customers, a younger generation of digital savvy, side-hustlers and SMBs, who valued authentic stories and were increasingly difficult to connect with. They wanted to reach and engage this new audience with relevant content that embodied the brands core values and showcased its key strengths. Alchemy One was tasked by MYOB to develop a measurable, tactical campaign that profiled MYOB customers in order to inspire and connect with those starting a new business.

We set about identifying amazing MYOB business customers from all areas of business throughout Australia. These business owners were asked to tell their personal journey in their words through the lense of Small Wins To Big Things, reflecting on the little wins that shaped their business journey to success. We then amplified these stories across Facebook, Instagram and campaign media partners to inspire and connect with the intended audience. MYOB used the campaign content to launch a customer-focused Instagram channel @myob, which helped the brand be more present in engaging business owners and providing advice and mentorship.



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The campaign featured candid perspectives with real business owners, a first for MYOB, talking about their experiences starting a new business as well as their strength and determination to achieve their goals. Many business owners also spoke of how tools such as MYOB help them take care of the practical side of running a business so they can focus on their business success.