A design solution empowering parents and lowering childhood obesity.

Australia is failing its children when it comes to proper nutrition and as a result we have become one of the most unhealthy nations on earth. Nestle came to Alchemy One with this problem and wanted us to provide a proof of concept to help curb obesity rates. We discovered that children consumed most of their kilojoules during the school day and that parents lacked time to plan healthy lunch boxes.

We also uncovered that mothers feared disappointing their children with their lunch box choices. These factors contributed to children developing unhealthy eating habits. Our goal was to create a solution that helped time-poor Mums access healthy, yet delicious lunch ideas. Based on these insights The Lunch Box Project was created. 



Research Design
Behavioural Tracking
Qualitative Research
Quantitative Research
Insight Development


Rapid Ideation Workshop
Proof of Concept
Industrial Design
Immersive Media


The Lunch Box Project gave Australian parents easy access to nutritionally balanced lunches and snack ideas that kids actually want to eat for less than $5 a day.  Every child receives a custom-designed, re-usable lunch box that can be personalised to suit their individual style. Inside is a dietician-approved, nutritionally balanced meal, plus healthy snacks, to keep children full and energised throughout the day. Together with their child, parents can then choose the items they’d like to include in the Lunch Box from the extensive range of Nestle meals and snacks available and these are delivered weekly. Proof of concept was received so well by Nestle the Lunch Box Project was presented at Nestle’s Global Forum.